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Their night at the movies

One night, Meow-Kitty and Bu-Dog were sleeping under the sofa. The Human Dog and the Human Bitch came into the den, with the Human Pup in tow. The Human Dog went rummaging around in the closet, and he came out with a shoebox full of plastic cans. The two animals awoke to the sound of chattering. Bu-Dog poked his head out and watched the Human Dog pulled something heavy, some kind of machine, across the room. Then he unfurled a great white cloth. Then there was some figeting and barking as the Human Dog tried to get something out of the little yellow cans and into the machine.

Eventually, the machine started working, and one of the humans turned off the lights. Meow-Kitty scooted up to see what was going on. The machine made big pictures on the white cloth. It wasn't like the glow-box, because Bu-Dog could actually see the pictures. At first, they were blurry. Then they came into focus. The pictures were of the Humans a long time ago.

Bu-Dog exclaimed, "Hey, look, the Human Dog had a lot more fur."

And Meow-Kitty replied, "and the Human Bitch was so much smaller."

They couldn't figure out how long ago that was. Maybe it was before they were born. But the real star of the show was the Human Pup, who was even more of a pup than he was now. He was very small, and he had blonde hair. He rode along on his little red wagon, and the wagon wasn't rusted and dented like now; it was shiny and red. Then the pictures stopped.

Then there was some human growling. And the pictures started up again.

This time, it was the Human Pup's birthday. There was a cake with candles. Bu-Dog remembered that cake. When the Humans went upstairs, it had been such a delicious treat. Meow-Kitty started to salivate when she noticed someone's uneaten dinner on a plate in the picture. The Human Pup blew out the candles.

Movie after movie followed. They made Meow-Kitty very nostalgic, even if she hadn't been born when they were made. She said, "the Human Pup is so cute that I just want to hug him." At the end of the evening, the Humans put the equipment back and folded up the great white cloth. They turned on the light and drifted out of the room.

For days, the animals were haunted by visions of the Humans in happier times. They could not figure out how to make the pictures come back. And because the Humans could not understand them, they could not tell the Humans that they wanted to watch the pictures again. One day, drifting in and out of a series of naps, Bu-Dog had an idea. He poked Meow-Kitty:

"Hey, wake up!"


"We can look at the pictures."

They crept into the den. Bu-Dog nosed the closet open. There was the shoebox. He picked it up and dragged it into the middle of the room. Then he tried to turn on the machine. It was hard to open up the cans. Inside, there were plastic snakes. He tried to put the snake into the machine, just as the Human Dog had. But instead of going into the machine, the snake spilled out all over the floor. Meow-Kitty started crying.

This was a problem. Bu-Dog carefully dragged the big mess of plastic snake and pulled it into the Human Pup's room and put it in the middle of the floor. Meow-Kitty brought along the cardboard box with the other cans. They would escape punishment. They hid under the bed. Soon after, the Human Bitch came in and started barking at the Pup. Then she looked under the bed and found them.

Later, when the animals were being taken by the scruff of their necks to the Hutch, they realized that the Human Pup had been sitting on the bed the whole time, and that he had pointed at them as soon as she had come into the room.